Student Finance

Living Costs

Student Finance

Living Costs

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In addition to tuition fees for your course, students will also need to consider how they are going to pay towards living costs while studying in the UK.

‘Living costs’ cover whatever you need to pay for, excluding tuition fees, while you’re at university, college or language school. For example:

  • accommodation
  • food
  • course costs/study materials
  • personal expenses
  • transport
Living Costs

Estimated Monthly Costs

The cost of living can vary greatly depending on your lifestyle, budget and spending habits. As a guide, most students spend in the region of £9,000 to £14,500 a year on living expenses, including accommodation, although you may spend more depending on your housing choices and lifestyle. If you have expensive hobbies, you will need to factor these into your budget – or be prepared to adjust your lifestyle.

Below information will give an indication of typical costs which increase over time.

Living Costs 2018-19


From £5,334 for a single room in self-catered University accommodation to £8,064 in a catered ensuite (42 week tenancy) including utilities.

From £9,400 for a studio flat in University accommodation to £10,200 for a studio flat from a commercial provider (51 week tenancy).

Approximately £5,280 for a privately rented room in a shared house (52 week tenancy) plus utilities (see below).

These are average figures and costs will vary widely depending on the type of accommodation you choose. Further information on accommodation fees and help for renting privately will be available from the Accommodation Office at your university or college.


On average £911 for the 3 terms in catered halls. £1,234 for self-catered or privately renting students.


Electricity, gas, internet, insurance and water rates will add £500 – £750 per person, per year in a 4-bed shared house.

University accommodation includes bills for these costs.

Costs vary depending on the size and condition of a house. If you aren’t living in your house over summer, you could ask your landlord to reduce the rent.

Books, printing and photocopying

£400 per year

You will normally need to budget for personal copies of books, printing and photocopying.

Clothes and toiletries

£700 per year

Can cost a lot more than expected. You may need smart clothes for placements or job interviews.


It depend on mode of transport and cities where you will spend in transportation. Normally it should cost between £4-£12 for day travel.

Additional course costs

Depend on your course

It is estimated that Home students should allow approximately £9,160 in 2018-19 and £9,420 in 2019-20 for living costs in major cities of the UK for the year (though this will vary depending on lifestyle, and students should allow for increases in future years). Living costs for international students may be higher.

Living Expenses

International students

Your living expenses may be higher than for a UK student (eg if you stay in the UK during vacations). In 2019-20, the minimum resources needed in major cities of the UK for the year (excluding tuition and university/College fees) are estimated to be approximately £10,950, depending on lifestyle (you should allow for increases in future years).

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